Q: What is this?

A: C-Sexy sells temporary tattoos for women who have had c-sections.

Most bikini-style c-section incisions are less than 6 inches long. Our temporary tattoos are all 6-9 inches wide, perfect for covering a scar.

If your scar is bumming you out, or you just like to have a little fun, our temporary tattoos can hide (and decorate!) your scar simply, safely, and inexpensively.

And honestly, if you have a baby or toddler to take care of, what other beauty treatment costs $1.99, takes ten seconds to apply, and lasts up to a week? 


Q: Will this conceal my c-section scar?

A: We find that even if the tattoo design you choose has gaps or open areas where the tattoo doesn't completely cover the scar, the power of misdirection is extremely strong. We think you'll be pleased. 


Q: The model on the front - is she actually hiding a c-section scar? 

A: Yes! She had a c-section 10 months ago.


Q: But my stomach isn't flat.

A: Whose is? You've had a baby, right? After a c-section, you may have been surprised to discover that not only do you have a scar, but that you have a "dent." If the "dent" is quite pronounced, try lying on your back while you apply the temporary tattoo. (We also suggest using our larger tattoo designs.) The tattoo will greatly minimize the appearance of the "dent." This is for all kinds of bodies.


Q: Do the temporary tattoos look like real tattoos?

A: Pretty close. Just be gentle with the area in order to keep the tattoo intact -- don't scrub hard in the shower, and blot dry afterwards. We like to change the designs regularly, though -- we think of this more like jewelry that we switch up for fun.


Q: Can I wear these to swim?

A: Yes! They stay well in the water, but do not put oil-based products on top of them or rub them with a towel, especially when wet.


Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping to the United States is 99 cents on any size order. To the rest of the world, it's $6.99.


Q: Is shipping discreet?

A: Yes, you will receive your tattoos from "Mailing Services Group."


Q: Are temporary tattoos safe?

A: Not all of them! But ours are. 

Our temporary tattoos (with the exception of the Festival Perfect Gold Foil Tattoo Set, which is made in China) are made in the USA and have had their color additives approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as cosmetics and deemed safe for direct dermal contact. The pigments in these tattoos are non-toxic and non-allergenic.


Q: Will you have more designs?

A: Absolutely. Please check back!